Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plan for Ramadan.

If you FAIL to PLAN

Why to PLAN for Ramadan?

-The best of Months
-Quran revealed in this month
-A month of Blessing, Mercy & Forgiveness
-Allah Himself gives rewards for one who fasts
-Doors of Heaven are opened
-Doors of Hell are closed
-Shayateen are chained
-Rewards multiplied from 10 to 700 times
-A Night better than 1000 months


-Death is fast approaching
-Life is too short to waste in useless things
-Satan discourages one to plan
-If Satan cannot stop a Muslim from doing good, then
-he tries to engage him in lesser good, or make him busy so that he never plans or quantifies his progress.

Salah [prayers] -

-Plan for obligatory prayers in congregation (Jamat)
-Plan for Sunnah and Nafil prayers
-Don’t miss the special Taraweeh prayers
-Get closer to Allah by Tahajjud prayers
-Try to achieve Khushoo (concentration)


-Tajweed: Learn to recite correctly
-Tilawat: Read the whole Quran at least once
-Tarjuma: Read the complete translation once
-Tafseer: Plan to go through the tafseer
-Tadabbur: Take out time to ponder on verses
-Tahfeez: Memorize some Surahs / Aayaats

Zikr- [remembrance]

“Keep your tongue wet with the remembrance (zikr) of Allah” - Tirmidhi
When a group of people assemble for remembrance of Allah
The Angels surround them (with their wings)
(Allah’s) mercy envelops them
Sakinah (tranquility) descends upon them
Allah makes a mention of them before those who are near Him
Zikr: morning/evening, after azan/salat, before sleeping.


-Dua is worship

-“To every Muslim is an answered supplication (dua) in Ramadan”
-3 persons dua accepted: fasting, oppressed, traveller
-Memorize duas from Quran & Sunnah
-Make dua for all Muslims
-Dua at Iftar time, Tahajjud and Fasting period.

Umrah and Itikaaf

Umrah in Ramadan equal to Haj with the Prophet (PBUH) (Bukhari & Muslim)
The Prophet (PBUH) used to perform Itikaaf during the last 10 days of Ramadan (Bukhari & Muslim)
Opportunity for people in Saudi Arabia
Weekend Umrah trips
Itikaaf at Makkah or Madinah Mosques


Zakat – purifies the wealth (2.5 %)
Infaq - investment for the future
Relatives in need of support


Muslim Friends
Iftar invitation
Remind about Islam
Non-Muslim Friends
Iftar invitation
Introduce & Invite to Islam.


Proper eating (not over-eating)
Sleeping (not excessive)
Regular exercise
No smoking
No TV (same posture)

Please - Stop These Habits-

TV – serials, cartoons, films, matches
Chatting with friends - useless talk
Internet surfing – unnecessary wasting time
Smoking – starting of ALL bad habits
Gheebat – eating dead brother’s meat

We all wish you that you have a blessed month ahead and may the holy month of Ramadan, Ushers upon you Peace, Happiness and Prosperity.

رمضان كريم to all of you!! =]

Make Niyat (Intention) with Ikhlas and Dua and pray as much as you can in this month.

JazakALLAH khair

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